Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February ATPPS Stuff

Wow....January is behind us....thank goodness!

 Mid-year check ins should be complete by the middle of February.  If you have any questions about this, let me know!

Now that it is February it is time for
Round 2 Observations.

The BIL team has chosen the dates they are available for observations.

Here is the link to the Google Calendar to sign up for an observation.

February Observation Calendar need to be logged in to your Google Docs for the link to work!!! need to have AT LEAST ONE observation by someone who IS NOT your BIL!

Look at the available dates the other BILs have chosen to see if they work for you.

You may also use a trained observer who have participated in the inter-rater reliability sessions.
(The only one this session is Nydia)

Here are some suggestions to make it easier to complete all of the domains in the 3 observation windows.
  • think about a math or science lesson for the higher order thinking domain
  • invite your observer to come see you doing small group work instead of a large group lesson to demonstrate formative/summative assessment.
  • use your pre-observation time to demonstrate proficiency in Domain 1
  • let your observer know specific things that you want to highlight and be observed on.
  • take a few moments before your pre-observation to jot a few notes on your observation document to make your conversations richer

Lastly.....I can't stress enough the need for you to complete the BIL survey at the end of your observation.  Even if everything was "perfect"....your BIL loves to hear these things too.  Everyone LOVES feedback!!!

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