Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ATPPS Review at PSI

This is the Chinese Symbol for Luck....and I guess PSI is "in luck"!
We are this year's elementary school for the ATPPS site review!

On Wednesday the wonderful Third Grade Team will have their PLC observed!
Then they will be joined by Chris Watkins and ME to be interviewed!

Sooo.....if you are not a member of this illustrious group....I bet you are feeling LUCKY!

Be sure to thank these lovely people for taking this challenge!
They have been practicing their answers to all the ins and outs of ATPPS!
They are sure to shine!

And....Just a personal note about how LUCKY I feel....
I was asked to attend the interview for the Superintendent Search team....
WHY....NOT because I am a PAT rep....
BUT....Because I am OLD!!!

How's that for LUCK?

Have a wonderful day!