Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PSI ATPPS Grant Approved!

Each year the money that is set aside when a building DOES NOT meet their School Goal and is made available to that school for Staff Development activities to support goal achievement for the current year!

Your outstanding SD team....Sally, Maria and Corey have written a grant that will bring over $5000 to PSI for our Curriculum Alignment work this year!

The grant was approved!

The planning process for how and when we will use the money will commence soon!
Stay tuned for more information.....but I urge you to participate as this is a way for you to realize the $200 that you DID NOT receive in your ATPPS money last Spring!!

I hope everyone's conferences go well!
I hope everyone has completed and signed off on their PDP Goal with their BIL!
I hope everyone is excited about doing the first round of observations in November :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Inter-Rater Reliability Information

Mark Your Calendars now...



This fabulous gathering will be held
Monday, October 28th in the Media Center!


All BILS plus any trained observer who wishes to do observations this year.


The definition of Inter-Rater Reliability on Wikipedia:
In statistics, inter-rater reliability, inter-rater agreement, or concordance is the degree of agreement among raters. It gives a score of how much homogeneity, or consensus, there is in the ratings given by judges. It is useful in refining the tools given to human judges, for example by determining if a particular scale is appropriate for measuring a particular variable. If various raters do not agree, either the scale is defective or the raters need to be re-trained.

In much simpler terms: 

You will watch a video of a model lesson before you come to the session.
You will score the teacher on pre-determined areas from the observation rubric.
You will come to the meeting ready to "defend"/"explain" why you scored each domain the way that you did.

The shared conversation will help us have a common sense of what is Proficient or Basic.  This will make our observation coaching more consistent and cohesive.

 Remember....this meeting is mandatory for you to be on the list to do observations!

 If you have any questions about this....don't hesitate to ask!

PLEASE RSVP by October 22nd
 and I will send you the link to the Video along with the domains to be scored!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

2013-14 PDP Information

 I have been catching conversations about PDP Goals.  That tells me that many of you are well on your way to having your goal written and approved by October 30th!

  • Your PDP (Personal Development Plan) needs to be completed and approved by your BIL.
  • The PDP form is a part of the ONE big document that holds all of the paperwork for ATPPS.  (yours is found in your Google Drive with the name lastnameATPPS2013-14) 
  • Your PDP is your Smart Goal Statement with supporting information, data and a implementation plan.
  • Your PDP statement is at the BEGINNING of your ATPPS Documentation.
  • Usually teams write the same or very similar goal statement so that the work they do in PLC can support everyone's goal.
  • YOU do NOT have to write a goal that is MATH related, even though the building ATPPS goal is MATH.

  • Remember! There is no longer a separate BEST PRACTICE reflection.
    • The best practice reflection is a PART of the PDP.
    • This means you need to think about the best practices that support your goal from the outset.
    • It is important that you think of your action plan and strategies as the BEST PRACTICE for your year end reflection.
    • At the Mid-Year Check you will be asked to reflect on how you are using these best practices.
    • At the Year End Check out you will need to reflect on how the best practice affected student growth.

Just a reminder....

The Stipend attached to the PDP is as follows:

Writing a SMART PDP = $200
Attaining goal in PDP/Reflections = $500

If you have any questions....let me or your BIL know what you need!

Now....I just have to figure out what my SMART PDP Goal will be.....hmmmmm!