Sunday, May 19, 2013

Complete this Check List to Get Your ATPPS Check!!!

This easy breezy check list is all you need to know to complete the steps for your ATPPS paperwork!!!

The nice part of this is that for most people-everything you need is on ONE Document!!
(Mentors and Observers have a few more...)

1. Make sure that all components of your observations are filled in and scored.  If any are missing, you will need to contact the person who did that observation.  

2.  Complete the portion of the document to provide information verifying whether or not you achieved your PDP Goal.

3.  Write your Best Practice Reflection.  (if you are using this for relicensure, be sure to print out a copy for your files)

  Mentors Only:  Share your log with me

Observers Only:  I will need a list of the people you observed and the dates of those observations!


4.  Send me an email letting me know that you have completed everything and are ready to come sign the paperwork to send to the DO!

Pretty Simple....But as always....let me know if you have any concerns!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Best Practice Reflection Guidance

The Definition of Best Practice is:

a teaching or instructional method that has been demonstrated by research to be an effective learning tool. 


education activities or policies resulting in positive changes in student attitudes, academic behaviors


  • This fall you identified a best practice that you would implement during the year.
  • You identified strategies and activities to implement the best practice.
  • At mid-year you examined the progress that your students were making toward your goal.

 Now it is time to reflect on those activities!

This is PART of the document that has your goal and observations....
IT IS NOT a separate document this year! 

The other thing that this is NOT is FORMALIZED Research around a Best Practice!!!
The data you need is the data that shows the results of your GOAL.... 

For the Best Practice Reflection, you need only respond to the following questions:

 Year-end reflection:
  • Thoughts on why the desired results were or were not achieved
  • Is further improvement needed in this area?
  • Might I keep these changes in place next year?
  • How might I improve this plan in the future?
  • As you reflect upon the entirety of your professional growth needs this year, what professional growth opportunities do you feel you need?  How are you going to secure this professional growth? (*This is an optional reflection bullet, however, it is required if this year-end reflection is to be used to meet your re-licensure requirements.)

     In a are answering this question!!!

    What happened as a result of the activities related to your identified best practice ?




What are the logical next steps....

My suggestion is that you work in your PLC to complete this....

As always, let me (or your BIL)  know if you need help!