Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Lead BIL group has met several times to learn about and discuss a proposed change to the ATPPS model at the High School.

In short: The HS has been granted permission (pending Board and MDE approval) to conduct a pilot for one year. 

The HIGH SCHOOL change eliminates the 18 BIL  and 2LBIL positions into 2 FULL TIME people who will be responsible for all observations.  (ONLY at the HS)

The HS folks are reducing their stipend from $2000 to $1500 in order to fund the change.

There are NO PROPOSED CHANGES for the Middle School and Elementary ATPPS Models for next year.

The LBIL group will be carefully analyzing the HS Pilot throught the year, with an eye to creating a district wide plan that will best serve all staff!

I will keep you posted.....

In the meantime.....

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Showers....Bring.....

April Showers bring the LAST round of observations!
I don't know about you....but I feel like we just got done with the LAST observation round.
Your BIL team is sending me the dates that they will be available to observe.
I will post that calendar on Google Docs this weekend.
I suggest that you spend some time looking at the components that are left on your observation form.  This will help you to schedule your observation for the type of lesson that will allow you to demonstrate proficiency in the areas that you have yet to be observed on.

Your BIL or I will be happy to help you with this.

The ATPPS guidelines suggest that you have your BIL do 2 of your observations.
You are welcome to do the third observation with a different BIL or a trained observer.
If you ARE one of the trained observers and wish to do observations this round, please send an email to the staff letting them know of your availability.