Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Days Has November.....

I am hearing the most wonderful things about your observations....
This really is an amazing staff filled with highly "Proficient" educators....

I am sure you are glad to have Round one of the observation cycle complete....

Be sure that you take a moment to fill out the BIL Survey linked here!
I will use your survey input for the next round of observations I do with the BILs.

As always.....any questions.....concerns......funny stories.....please share!

Next up in terms of paperwork is the MID YEAR review....this year will be just a little different because you will need to talk about your "Best Practice".....

So a heads up....this might be something to talk about in an upcoming PLC....just to be sure you are on track for the end of January check in!

Thanks for all you do to make this whole big BIL thing pretty smooth sailing!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Mark YOUR Calendars....This Thursday!

 The November Observation Window is 

Please come to a whole school PLC..

Thursday after school!

This "PLC" will focus on planning for all 3 observations!

Bring your computer....

We will discuss all of the different components you need to focus on through the year!

We will talk about which components work best with different kinds of lessons!

You will look and plan out the things you want to have scored for each observation!

You will have opportunity to schedule your November observation time with your BIL!

Sounds like a deal!

This little cartoon seems to capture the "essence" of
the PSI attitude toward being the best at "everything even managing our stress!

Seriously....the goal of this meeting is to help you "work smart" and relieve any stress you might be feeling about observations as well as clarify any questions or concerns you have!
See you there!