Wednesday, May 14, 2014

End of Year Checklist

This easy breezy check list is all you need to know to complete the steps for your ATPPS paperwork!!!

The nice part of this is that for most people-everything you need is on ONE Document!!
(Mentors and Observers have a few more...)

1. Make sure that all components of your observations are filled in and scored.  If any are missing, you will need to contact the person who did that observation.  

2.  Complete the portion of the document to provide information verifying whether or not you achieved your PDP Goal.

3.  Write your Best Practice Reflection.  (if you are using this for relicensure, be sure to print out a copy for your files)

  Mentors Only:  Share your log with me

Observers Only:  I will need a list of the people you observed and the dates of those observations!


4.  Send me an email letting me know that you have completed everything and are ready to come sign the paperwork to send to the DO!

Pretty Simple....But as always....let me know if you have any concerns!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ahhhh.....Spring! Round 3 Observations!

April Showers (hopefully RAIN showers) bring the LAST round of observations!
I don't know about you....but I feel like we just got done with the LAST observation round.
Not to nag....but April is a very short month!
It is already the 7th!
We lose days due to MCA Reading Tests and Good Friday.
Your BIL team is sending me the dates that they will be available to observe.
I will post that calendar on Google Docs as soon as I know them.
You should all have access to that calendar.

Please Welcome Lisa Yepes to the BIL team for the remainder of the year. 
She is taking Tonia's spot!
I suggest that you spend some time right now looking at the components that are left on your observation form.  This will help you to schedule your observation for the type of lesson that will allow you to demonstrate proficiency in the areas that you have yet to be observed on.

Your BIL or I will be happy to help you with this.

The ATPPS guidelines suggest that you have your BIL do 2 of your observations.
You are welcome to do the third observation with a different BIL or a trained observer.
If you ARE one of the trained observers and wish to do observations this round, please send an email to the staff letting them know of your availability.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February ATPPS Stuff

Wow....January is behind us....thank goodness!

 Mid-year check ins should be complete by the middle of February.  If you have any questions about this, let me know!

Now that it is February it is time for
Round 2 Observations.

The BIL team has chosen the dates they are available for observations.

Here is the link to the Google Calendar to sign up for an observation.

February Observation Calendar need to be logged in to your Google Docs for the link to work!!! need to have AT LEAST ONE observation by someone who IS NOT your BIL!

Look at the available dates the other BILs have chosen to see if they work for you.

You may also use a trained observer who have participated in the inter-rater reliability sessions.
(The only one this session is Nydia)

Here are some suggestions to make it easier to complete all of the domains in the 3 observation windows.
  • think about a math or science lesson for the higher order thinking domain
  • invite your observer to come see you doing small group work instead of a large group lesson to demonstrate formative/summative assessment.
  • use your pre-observation time to demonstrate proficiency in Domain 1
  • let your observer know specific things that you want to highlight and be observed on.
  • take a few moments before your pre-observation to jot a few notes on your observation document to make your conversations richer

Lastly.....I can't stress enough the need for you to complete the BIL survey at the end of your observation.  Even if everything was "perfect"....your BIL loves to hear these things too.  Everyone LOVES feedback!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Details Mostly For BILS

The information in this post is mainly for the BIL group.
If you are not a BIL you can stop reading.
Posting the information allows me to archive it for the future!

There are Three Things that the BILs will be doing in January and February.

  1. Mid-Year Check in with all of the people you do the paperwork management for.
  2. Your BIL Evaluation with me.
  3. Round 2 Observations


At the  January 27th Late Start session, we will be examining data from the assessments that you have been so busy doing!  This is a logical time for people to do the mid-year reflection.  I will mention it to all, but each BIL needs to check that these have been completed by the end of January!

BIL Evaluation  

Just like in the Fall, you will meet with me for a 10-15 conversation about several components on the BIL Rubric.  This Evaluation period focuses on how your interactions with your "Billies" have been going.  Hopefully enough of our staff have completed the survey to give us some data about "YOU"!

I would like to use the Marking Day (January 24th) to do this.  I hope to have my grades done before the marking I would just be sitting around eating BON BONS :)

Shoot me an email with the time you would like to meet on the 24th!

Round 2 Observations

The February Observation window opens on Februaty 1st.  

Please pick a day to do your observations and publicize this to me and  the entire staff.  
I will create the calendar for people to sign up when I have your dates.

Each staff member needs to have at least 1 observation done by someone who is NOT their BIL!

NYDIA is the only NON-BIL who can do observations, so I am assuming that you will have a mixed group for your observations.

I think that is all that you need to know right now....I am attending the LBIL meeting if I learn anything that you need to know...I will let you know!