Wednesday, September 25, 2013

BIL Stuff...if you aren't a BIL you don't NEED to read!

If you aren't a BIL you don't have to read any further!!  Lucky YOU!

If you ARE a BIL....please note!

I would like to meet as a BIL group this Friday after school.  If you read the following and come ready to make calendar decisions it can be a very short meeting!  I would also like to spend about 5 minutes talking about the PDP Goals!

  • I will have my first LBIL observation with Rich sometime this next week.
  • Then I will need to schedule a time with each of you for your BIL observation.  I think I will use a sub day and get them all done at once.  Please send me a comment if there are any days in the next couple of weeks when you are not going to be around.
  • We need to have our wonderful INTERRATER RELIABILITY meeting before the end of October.  This will probably be on a Monday after school.  I need to turn the date in to Rich so that all site meetings are posted.  Let me know if there are any Monday's that would not work for you.
  • Please touch bases with your BILLIES to remind them about the October 30th deadline for PDP Goals.  I will be writing a post about the guidelines for this.  In discussions with Corey, we hope that most of the 3-5 classroom teachers will choose a math focus and that K-2 can choose either, but will probably choose reading.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some Little Tweaks in the BIL Assignments!

Of course missed a few people on the first go around with BIL assignments....but hey only 3 people...that is not too bad!!!  The revised assignments are these! LEAST one observation from your assigned BIL....and the others are at your discretion.

The LBIL's MEETING Tomorrow!

I am attending the first Lead BIL meeting tomorrow morning!
The agenda includes a whole bunch of stuff that you probably don't need to think about, lucky you....but I guess if I am going to the meeting I will HAVE to think about them!!!

Rich Keith the new ATPPS Coordinator reminds us that the PDP is due the end of October!
I know that SOUNDS far away.....but it isn't.

In the meantime.....Corey and I will be tweaking the PSI School MATH goal to submit as our ATPPS goal for the year.  (We choose ONE goal for ATPPS even though we have 2 for District-School Goals)

We are also eligible to apply for a SD-Grant to utilize the money that is available because we DID NOT meet our goal last year!  This is a great way to "reclaim" $$$ for a positive purpose!  If you have any great suggestions for a grant proposal that would be staff development related, I am sure Corey, Sally and Maria would love to hear about it!  Or just shoot me a comment!

And lastly:  Just a reminder of how the ATPPS stipends break out in terms of "what is worth what"!

Observations = $1.100
Writing a SMART PDP = $200
Attaining goal in PDP/Reflections = $500
Site Goal Attainment = $200

Have a Great Day.....I will let you know if there is any "big news" from the LBIL meeting!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013-14 BIL Assignments

These are the BIL Assignments for this year.

Look for your name to see who is your BIL-this BIL is your PAPERWORK manager and all round helpful person for all things ATPPS!

You will work in your PLC teams to establish your PDP Goal and your BIL will sign off on that.
You will need to have AT LEAST ONE but LESS THAN THREE observations done by this BIL! 

You may notice that some grade level teams have been split up as to BIL assignments.
This should NOT be a problem now that we are meeting in a central spot for PLCs.  It will be easy for your BIL to check in with you about ATPPS business tied to PLC work!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to stop in anytime!