Thursday, August 29, 2013

ATPPS 2013/14

Soup's On!

ATPPS Alphabet Soup That Is!

I am FULLY aware that during this workshop week....
and next week's first days of school....

ATPPS is probably NOT on the top of things that you are thinking about!!!

Relax....this post is just a quick won't have to do anything but read it!!!

  • Just a reminder that the posting for the BIL vacancy runs until Wednesday
  • The other BILs on the team are Maria F., Judy, Deborah, Tonia, Chris.
  • I am making the Google Doc Files for your paperwork....YOU DON'T need to!
  • I am trying to assign people to BILs based on what makes sense for PLCs, so obviously that cannot be finalized until we have a full BIL team.
  • Our ATPPS program at the Elementary and Middle School will remain almost exactly the same as last year.
  • The High School is piloting a new process and we will be learning about that through the year. ( my sense is that if it is successful...that will move to all levels next year).
Ooohhh!  I Lied to you!!!

There IS something you can do!!!
Since we did not achieve our goal....we will be eligible for the SD grant just like last year!

Put on your thinking cap and brainstorm what we might want to ask for!
Send me a comment.
I have put a comment form on the right side bar....this sends me an email with your comment!

In the meantime!!!!
On Tuesday....THEY WILL COME!