Sunday, November 3, 2013

30 Days Hath November!

It is time for Round One of the ATPPS Observations!

You should be in contact with your BIL to make an appointment for your observation!

It is STRONGLY recommended that the first observation be done by your BIL!

Because ONLY BILS and Nydia attended that Inter-Rater Reliability meeting last week, they are the only qualified observers for the first two rounds of observations!

You will do THREE Observations!
There are FOUR parts to each of these observations!

Observation Windows are very defined by our ATPPS Plan!
You MUST have your observation complete by NOVEMBER 30th to qualify for the complete observation compensation. 

Please LINK TO THIS GOOGLE CALENDAR to sign up for your observation with your BIL!

As always.....any questions.....concerns......don't hesitate to ask!

I am taking some time this week to look over all of your PDPs.  If you have any concerns or questios about your PDP, let me know!

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