Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PSI ATPPS Grant Approved!

Each year the money that is set aside when a building DOES NOT meet their School Goal and is made available to that school for Staff Development activities to support goal achievement for the current year!

Your outstanding SD team....Sally, Maria and Corey have written a grant that will bring over $5000 to PSI for our Curriculum Alignment work this year!

The grant was approved!

The planning process for how and when we will use the money will commence soon!
Stay tuned for more information.....but I urge you to participate as this is a way for you to realize the $200 that you DID NOT receive in your ATPPS money last Spring!!

I hope everyone's conferences go well!
I hope everyone has completed and signed off on their PDP Goal with their BIL!
I hope everyone is excited about doing the first round of observations in November :)

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